New Evangelisation

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From: Rebecca Bretherton

Date: 25 March 2020 at 09:08:43 GMT

Subject: Peculiar times


Just thought I would write to say that even while we cannot meet, we can be together in prayer and continue to challenge ourselves to evangelise though maybe in different ways than we expected.

Every parish is different and not every parish is able to do everything so I thought I would mention a couple of useful resources. I am finding them useful to settle me into a routine which includes prayer and reminds me that there are others praying too.

We can also share them with others.

There are lots of things on the internet but I’m concentrating on things which are happening in this diocese:

The shrine at Walsingham is now live streaming. They are having Mass and Adoration and spiritual reflections throughout the day. They have a new website so have a look. There is much more on there than there was a week ago.

The Cathedral is streaming Mass.

St Laurence’s, Cambridge is streaming Mass.

There are lots of similar initiatives setting up with technology friendly priests. For example St Luke’s Peterborough has Mass on Twitter. Brandon is streaming Mass.

So we have no excuse to miss daily Mass! My recommendation would be to find one you like and stick to it rather than hop around. It will give a better sense that we are part of a parish community rather than just viewers. Maybe we could agree with others 'to be at' the same Mass. The knowledge that we are with others will help us remember that we are the Church.

( Apparently there were more people watching Mass last Sunday than go to church each week. Just at the moment people are seeking truth and life. So don’t just tell the regulars you know are Mass-goers. When you are talking to others, mention that part of your Sunday is still participating in Mass. They may discover a whole new life by following you to online Mass).

The other site I really recommend at the moment is the St George, Norwich parish site: Fr Sean is praying evening prayer on audio (6pm and you can join it until about 9pm) with a chance to follow the prayer using universalis. He also has a 5 minute audio reflection on the daily readings and lots of prayers and other things. He’s experimenting with video but I find the audio helpful as I concentrate on the words. It is probably the most active website locally.

St George are another Proclaim team: so it’s good that now we can pray with them.

Many people are wondering if they are doing enough. It is very frustrating staying at home. The cardinal’s very clear message is that Christians stay at home for the common good unless they are needed by the nation to go to work.

So maybe part of our work as evangelists is to give people the reassurance that they can be Christians by following government advice and praying for the world.

with best wishes and many prayers, Rebecca