Parish Meetings

St Dominic’s Roman Catholic Church

Downham Market

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 18th October, 2017.

THE MEETING opened with a prayer, followed by a greeting from the chairman.

PRESENT were: Fr Erico, Joe Walton (chairman), Eddy Luyten (treasurer), Lourdes Coelho-Luyten, Pat Boulden, Julia Keitch and Teresa Snow (minutes).

Apologies for absence were received from Godfrey Dennis.

Also present were Glad McCarthy and Bridget Villatoro.

THE MINUTES of the meeting of 19th July, 2017 were signed as a true record.

MATTERS ARISING: It was pointed out that Saturday Mass time was still given as 6.00pm on the blog site and also in the Diocesan year book.

FINANCE REPORT: the treasurer made his report; please see attached sheet for this.


a) Saturday Mass time was discussed in more detail. Fr. Erico is going to see the Bishop about it next week. No final decision can be made until we have the Bishop’s permission to change the time.

b) Holy Souls; Joe reminded us that there is a box on the table in the porch in which the names of parishioner’s deceased families and friends can be placed (inside an envelope). All offerings should be placed in the Holy Souls box in the back wall of the Church, not in the envelope with the names. (There will be a notice in the parish newsletter).

c) Advent and Christmas arrangements; On Christmas Eve there will be carols at 7.30pm followed by Mass at 8pm. Morning Mass on Christmas day at 9.30am as usual. Extra readers and ministers will be needed during the Christmas period. (TS to organise lists for volunteers and rotas during November).

Fr. Erico would like a Carol and Crib service on Sunday 17th December at 3.00pm. He would be grateful for a volunteer to help organise it.

d) More welcomers are badly needed for both Saturday and Sunday Masses. Fr. Erico said he would like to see different people asked to do the offertory procession at Mass, and suggested that new people to the parish might be asked to do it.

e) We need a Catechist, training is essential and will be available.

ALIVE IN FAITH: The parish room extension is progressing and is discussed in the Treasurer’s report.

SAFEGUARDING: All is going well, and the safeguarding is satisfactory.

POSADA: A list will be placed on the table in the porch for parishioners to sign if they wish to be hosts to the Posada this Advent. (A mention in the newsletter).


1) Parish Suppers will continue to take place on the last Friday of the month, usually at 6.30pm, in the parish room.

2) The Parish Christmas Lunch is booked for Sunday 10th December at the Castle Hotel. 12.30 for 1.00pm

3) The Parish Christmas Draw will take place on Sunday 17th December. Tickets are already here and will be on sale from the 28th October. A list of prizes will be put on the Church noticeboard as soon as it becomes available.


A chairman is urgently needed.

The new Vice Chair is Alan Davies

The AGM is on Monday 13th November at 7.30pm, in the Methodist Church

The town Christmas lights will be switched on during the afternoon of Sunday 3rd December.

A service for Christian Unity will be held on Sunday 21st January 2018, at 6.30pm in the Methodist Church.

Churches Together are appealing for donations for their Christmas Hampers for the very needy in the town. Do we know of any family/families in the parish who might be eligible for this? It was suggested that the proceeds from the November parish supper should be contributed to this very worthy cause. The committee agreed. (A mention in newsletter).

A.O.B: It was suggested that parishioners should be asked to give at least two to three weeks’ notice if they want a Mass said for any particular intention. A new box should be placed on the table in the porch for Mass intentions. (A mention in newsletter).

A list of church key holders and their phone numbers should be made available to committee members.

The committee was reminded that there will be extra pressure on the food bank in the town during the run-up to Christmas and through the Christmas period. There will be an appeal in the parish newsletter for this.

The chairman thanked Julia for all the hard work she had done as minutes secretary to the Parish Council and welcomed Teresa to the job.

He thanked all who had helped to organise and run the recent Guitar Concert; Lourdes and Eddy, who had taken on the bulk of the organisation, Teresa who had designed and printed the posters, flyers and tickets. He thanked all who had helped with the publicity and distribution of tickets; Julia, Pat and Len, Celeste and Sue, and all who helped on the day itself. It was a great success and the committee is agreed that there should be another concert next year.

The chairman thanked all who had helped with the Parish Party on St. Dominic’s Feast Day, and all who had helped at the Peace Service.

He thanked Sheila Hogg for doing the refreshments after Mass on Sundays.

The Chairman also thanked Robin Snow for doing such a good job repainting the benches outside the front of the church.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING will be Wednesday 17th January 2018.

The meeting following will be 18th April 2018.

THE MEETING ended at 8.45, and closed with a prayer.

SIGNED AS A TRUE RECORD………………………………………Date: